Press Release

Dayspring helps prevent Grain Elevator from entering landfill.


Prineville OR, July 20, 2009:  Dayspring announced today that they had completed the converting of 100 year old reclaimed boards into High Quality Flooring.


Utilizing wood coming from a Central Oregon Grain Elevator Structure that was constructed over 100 years ago, Dayspring helped to prevent it from entering the landfill and converted the original timbers into flooring for it's next stage in usefulness.


grain elevator.jpg

The original Douglas Fir was most likely milled by one of the two original sawmills in Bend Oregon (Brooks Scanlon or Shelvin Hixon) just after the turn of the Century.  The Original structure was built next to the railway lines that were laid to connect the Bend Lumber Mills and the Columbia River shipping network.


Dayspring, a specialty hardwood manufacturiing company, has been doing creative and green projects for over 25 years.  Special Projects like this one that preserve the environment and maximize the utilization of our nature resources has become one of Dayspring's specialties.


"This Lumber originally helped the area's farmers grow their businesses by allowing them to supply to a greater area across the west."


Grain Elevator Fir Flooring 072009.jpg

"Now the same timber is being used as a beautiful and functional flooring in a wide variety of structures and homes."


I wish I could be around anothe century from now to see what it's next use will be!