Press Release

Press Release:


Prineville OR, March 20, 2009:  Dayspring announced today that they had completed the converting of old wine barrel staves into long length Redwood siding:

winebarrel before.gif

Utilizing the waste wood coming from 100 year old wine barrels, Dayspring partnered with Terramai to complete the transformation of the material into a spectacular looking Redwood Shiplap Siding.


The Redwood staves made up the sides of giant wine barrels manufactured a century ago.  Terramain rescued the staves from the eventual waste stream and worked with Dayspring to coordinate turning them into a high end siding.


Dayspring, a specialty hardwood manufacturing company, has been doing creative and green projects for over 25 years.  Minimizing waste and the impact on the environment while maximizing final product quality is what our expert teams of engineering and manufacturing do best. 


"Not only does the beautiful red color still come through after 100 years of use holding wine, but the grain patterns are spectactualar as well. "

wine stave after.gif

The picture above shows the siding after manufacturing.  Can't wait to see it with the sun shining on it (on the side of a building), protecting the people inside from the elements outside.


Who knows what it will protect after it's years of service protecting wine and people.