Press Release
Dayspring Turns Waste Wood into Hyatt Regency Hotel Floor.
Prineville OR, April 13, 2008: Dayspring announced today that they had completed the manufacturing of a recycled floor to be placed in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.


terramai before.gif

Utilizing the waste wood coming from the bowels of our ocean going ships that travel

between the USA and Asia, Dayspring partnered with Terramai to complete the transformation of the material into a beautiful hardwood floor. 
The oak dunnage boards that are normally waste after use, are placed in the ships between the products being carried and the hull.
Dayspring, a special hardwood manufacturing company, has been doing creative and green projects for over 25 years. Minimizing waste and the impact on the environment while maximizing final product quality is what our expert teams of engineering and manufacturing do best. 

“It’s amazing how good a product can look when it comes from something that doesn’t even seem fit for a fire pit.”
terramai after.gif
And this picture is of the flooring in it’s unfinished state, can’t wait to see what it will look like after it’s final sanding and finish coats!